Completely K9 Ltd 

We thought having a dog and working all week would've been unfair on our dog, however the facilities, service and interaction that our dog gets at Completely K9 is fantastic. Our dog's temperament and behaviour is a credit to Nicky and Simon, in fact I think our dog would be quite happy to go and live at Completely K9! Very happy customers.

Teresa and Andrew H. - Countesthorpe.

About us.

We have used Nicky and Simon's doggy daycare facility for our Labrador for the past two and a half years and have been extremely impressed with their service. The door to door pick up service is very reliable and convenient and they give plenty of notice for holiday closures. And when we have needed extra days in an emergency they have been able to help out. Suffice to say our dog really enjoys her time at the centre and also comes back tired.

knowing that she is being well looked after gives us peace of mind when we are at work.

Dianne B. - Narborough.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words... well if you saw our two exhausted terriers post doggie daycare you would not need us to tell you what a fantastic and unrivalled service Completely K9 provide. We can't imagine or remember life without them- finding them literally changed everything, for the better. Needless to say once you've sent your canine companion there to enjoy a fun-filled day, you'll never want to stop. Above all else, you get a genuine sense of how much they love what they do and the dogs in their care (we woouldn't just leave our furries with anyone!) Being able to follow their antics via Facebook is a huge plus, as are the added services of providing food and supplies to your doorstep- they literally think of everything! We can't recommend Nicky, Simon and the crew highly enough- long may Completely K9 continue and thank you for making our lives so easy.

Suzanne and Phil, Wigston.


Our Goldie has been going to daycare a couple of days a week for a few years now and she LOVES it. She knows when it is a daycare day - she can't stop looking out the window waiting for Nicky and Simon! She races out of the house into the van and when we get home from work she is tucked up back in bed fast asleep. It is lovely knowing that she is out having a lovely day instead of being stuck in the house when we are at work. I never worry about her when she is there - she gets looked after like part of Nicky and Simon's family. We can't recommend their services highly enough and they certainly get our dog's stamp of approval.

Rachael M. - Local Vet.

Hello, we are Nicky and Simon Bates the owners of 'Completely K9 Ltd' The company  is a dream realised of a lifetime passion for man's best friend.

Having both grown up with dogs it was only natural that our family included a dog. We were lucky enough to share 11 years of our lives with our GSD bitch, Brynn and when we lost her it devastated us both. After a few months we realised that home was not a home wothout a dog and we found Shaney at a Rescue in Bedfordshire.

As can happen with rescue dogs Shaney had her fair share of issues and to help understand these we studied and now hold diplomas (with distinction) in Canine Psychology and Training. We then went on to gain Advanced certificates in " Canine Communication" and "Pure Dog Listening."As a result Shaney became a much more relaxed and happy dog. This fuelled our desire to give every dog a happy home and it was to this end that we started working closely with the RSPCA and Every Chance Rescue to help rehabilitate dogs and give them another chance in life.

In Dec 2007 we adopted another rescue dog Casper, a GSD/Collie X, who we have saddly recently lost to old age. We then added Carly, a Siberian Husky to our pack in Dec 2008, she had suffered some severe trauma through a road traffic accident and had also lost all faith in humans. Through hard work and patience she has become a much more confident and social dog. We then added another Siberian Husky puppy to our pack in March 2012, Fletcher, who has now grown into a confident, happy young man.

These fantastic dogs have reinforced our love for these loyal animals and we are constantly striving to learn more about them by regularly attending courses and seminars. Having two very active Huskies has also taken us down the path of learning more about the activities that dogs can do and how owners can build a strong bond and have fun with their dogs through them. Nicky is a qualified Dog Groomer and Simon has completed Training for Trainers 1 and 2 for Agility instructors and learning to teach such activities as Flyball, Cani-x, Scootering and Scent work.

Our passion is dogs and we are constantly trying to make their world a happier place to live.

I've been a customer of Completely K9 now for nearly four years. My Alaskan Malamute has been a few days a week since she was a puppy and I would like to thank Nicky and Simon for being true professionals and providing her with a great doggie upbringing! I cannot recommend them highly enough, my dog always returns home thoroughly tired after having such a great day out and can't wait until her next visit. Once again many thanks.

Ian M. - Narborough

Carla Tilley, Trainer.

Hi, I'm Carla and I have known and worked with Nicky and Simon for a number of years now. I met them when I started to send my Mum's dog (Charlie Chuckles) off to daycare, then I started to work there myself when I finished university. No day is the same at doggy school!

My working background and degree are both based around education and schools, however, it wasn't until recently that I realised that I loved training canines more than children. I love being outdoors and take great pride in living compassionately through a vegan lifestyle.