Completely K9 Ltd 


Do you take puppies at the daycare?

Yes, we take puppies from 12wks old as long as they are fully vaccinated. The daycare environment is a great way for a young dog to learn the manners and social skills needed for adult life.

Are the dogs supervised?

Yes, the dogs are watched at all times by trained, professional staff.

What days do you offer daycare, and can you provide overnight care?

Our daycare operates Monday - Friday only, we do not offer an overnight boarding service.

Do you take any dogs into daycare?

Firstly we cannot take dogs that are designated as dangerous breeds, however, all dogs are initially assessed by our staff. All male dogs need to be neutered around 9 months old and bitches ideally spayed, if in season they will need to refrain from daycare for at least 3 weeks.

My dog isn't particularly well socialised is that a problem?

Dogs by nature are very social and the daycare environment helps support that, however, after their initial assessment we will have a better idea as to whether your dog will be happy. Obviously we cannot take any dogs that have a history of aggression with other dogs.

Can I drop off and collect my dog from your facility?

No we collect and drop off all our dogs in our company vans. This was a stipulation of being granted planning permission for the facility. Also it would be too disruptive for the dogs if people were coming and going all the time so once we arrive they can just enjoy their day.

What do you do with them all day?

Once we arrive they generally are very excitable, so first order of the day involves expelling some of that energy which tends to take the form of ball throwers and allowing them freedom of 3 acres to run around in. The afternoon tends to be a little calmer and like children at play school they find friends to play with, and occasionally have 40 winks on one of the many sofas available to them

With so many dogs together do they never fight?

There is a definite hierarchy in the daycare, and more often than not the introduction of an assertive personality might cause a concern as they need to find their place, however, the staff are trained to notice and intercede when a situation needs to be calmed down.